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Our Story

Naavah Isha was founded in 2019 

Motherhood can indubitably be marked as an evolving level of maturity and radiance in a woman's life, that should be treated delicately and handled with care. Hence, Naavah Isha which translates to a beautiful woman in Hebrew. This brand was created to reinstill confidence and comfort in every pregnant woman to look and feel like her best self.

We aim to transcend a reminder of strength to women during this incredible moment in their life and offer gentle healing, soothing, and pampering; through our nature-sourced ingredients.

Delicate Flowers

"Beauty and nature reside hand in hand. Without nature, there is no beauty; without beauty, you can't define nature."




A mother's instincts naturally chime with the need to care and nurture. With that said, our products were created with mindfulness; ensuring that every combined element contains clean, natural, and vegan ingredients.

Upon purchasing any Naavah Isha Skincare products, you will have the confidence in knowing that you are selecting a regimen less likely to cause any harm or irritation.

We proudly stand as an esteemed beauty brand; that creates products specifically for melanated skin types. Our products provide clean and nutrient-enriched solutions fit for every soon-to-be or existing mom.

As a result, these products help to alleviate discomfort and enforce healthy glowing skin.

Our vision is to make a life-changing impact within the beauty industry. In a world of trends, we hope to overshadow what is popular with the truth, and that is the fact that beauty never gets old.

Naavah Isha hopes to stand as a steward to our community to ensure that everyone has fair access to clean, safe, and effective beauty products because beauty resides within us all. It will radiate within us, so long as we nurture it.








Beauty Educators

Naavah Isha aims to transcend a nurturing bond between mother and child from the moment of conception throughout their growing phase. 

An intentional approach to taking care of one's self and ensuring that this art is passed on for generations to come.

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